Professional contract work for third parties at Cordial!

Discover Cordial's comprehensive contracting service, where we combine craftsmanship with technological precision to meet all your specific needs. As an experienced partner in the industry, we offer various contract solutions, including: 

1. Powder mixing by prescription: 
Our specialized services include the accurate mixing of powders according to the specific recipes you supply. From measured quantities to complex compositions, we ensure a consistent and high-quality end product.

2. Liquid Mixing to Prescription:
Cordial delivers expert liquid mixing to your recipe, carefully achieving the right proportions and properties to meet your exact specifications. This mixing can be achieved at different temperatures. Choose our reliable service for accurate and consistent liquid mixtures.

3. Bagging powder from BB to BB: 
Efficiency is key when transferring powder from Big Bag to Big Bag. With advanced equipment and expert staff, we ensure a seamless transfer without waste.