Discover the power of hot melt adhesives

At Cordial you can find an extensive selection of hot melt adhesives. Whether you are active in the packaging industry, furniture construction or other sectors, our hot melt adhesives provide the durable bonding solutions you can rely on. 

Hot melts, also known as hot melt adhesives, are adhesives that have left their mark on countless industries. The adhesives are solid at low temperatures, but become liquid when heated. Hot melts have a wide range of applications and offer unique advantages compared to traditional adhesives. 

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Features, benefits and applications for hot melts 

1. Fast Bonding: Hot melts offer unparalleled speed of bonding. This results in significant time savings in production processes, increasing overall efficiency. 

2. Versatility in Applications: Whether you need to bond materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles or wood, hot melts adapt and provide reliable adhesion in a variety of industries. 

3. Environmental friendliness: Environmentally conscious production becomes easier with water-based hot melts. Fewer solvents and lower emissions make hot melts a sustainable choice for green production. 

4. Durability and Resistance: Hot melts provide a durable bond that is resistant to heat, humidity and chemical influences. This results in long-lasting, strong connections.


In the packaging sector, we strive to develop adhesives that guarantee proper housing of the packaged products. 

We want to keep these adhesives stable, safe and unchanged and that do not collapse under weight or as a result of temperature fluctuations during transport.

Paper Conversion – Tapes and Labels

Self-adhesive labels and tapes are present in our daily lives and Cordial products are an important part of these products.

Due to the great diversity of applications, the choice of which adhesive to use requires knowledge and experience in this sector, as several factors had to be analyzed and considered when choosing the best solution.


Custom packaging 
Depending on the wishes of our customers, we offer our adhesives in the form of beads, granules and adhesive pads. Everything from boxes to large bags. 

Innovations in Hotmelt Technology
The hotmelt industry does not stand still. Continuous innovations lead to new formulations that offer even better performance and environmental friendliness. The focus is on developing hot melts that meet the ever-evolving needs of modern production processes. 

Optimize your processes and take your production to new levels with these innovative hot melt adhesives!


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