What does the name Cordial mean?

The word Cordial represents kindness and friendliness. That is exactly what our organisation and our employees stand for. 

Cordial:'Born out of ambition, built on knowledge and skills, supported by innovation’.

Tanne Bosker
Tanne BoskerFounder


In 1995 Cordial opened a modern and professionally equipped production and research facility on the Transportbaan in Winschoten. A production line for powdered adhesives was realised there. These adhesives were supplied nationally and internationally to the paper and cardboard industry.

Opening Transportbaan


Cordial's energetic and innovative development led to it being elected 'Company of the Year' in the province of Groningen in 1998. 

Prijs in ontvangst


In 2007 Cordial entered into a joint venture on a fifty-fifty basis with Papertech, a large Spanish paper producer. Together, they opened a factory in China called 'PapCor Dezhou' in 2008 that produces powdered adhesives. The photo on the right shows Tanne Bosker at the 10-year anniversary of the factory.

10 jaar


In 2020, Cordial ran out of warehouse space due to its growth, which is why the adjacent building was taken into use. This allowed us to achieve greater efficiency in our overall operations and drastically reduce the number of logistics movements. 

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April 2023: Tanne Bosker, our founder, sells his shareholding and steps down as CEO. The new owner, NewPort Capital, appoints Stefan de Braaf as the new CEO, and together with management and the rest of the Cordial team, we will further accelerate the growth path already set.

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