Unique powder blends

Cordial has distinguished itself in the market segment of tubewinding (the manufacturing of paper tubes) since 2012. This market is supplied with high-quality liquid products and our unique powder blends. In addition, tailor-made dissolving units are placed at the users' premises in order to process our products.

Tube wrapping, also known as spiral wrapping, is an advanced packaging method often used to protect long, cylindrical objects such as tubes, rolls and tubes. This technique requires precise and strong adhesive bonds to ensure that the packaging remains intact throughout the entire logistics process.

Tube winding

One of Cordial's distinguishing aspects is offering custom-made solution units that are placed at the users' home. These dissolving units are precisely matched to our products, ensuring a seamless and efficient processing experience. This demonstrates our commitment to customer-oriented solutions and our commitment to delivering a total package of high-quality products and services.

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