Unique powder blends for the production of glossy papers

Coated paper, also known as 'glossy papers' or coating paper, is widely used in high-quality printing applications such as magazines, brochures and packaging material. The quality of the glue is crucial in the production of coated paper. Proper adhesion ensures that the different layers of the paper remain firmly together, resulting in a high-quality end product.

At Cordial we understand the importance of high-quality adhesives in the coated paper industry. An important component for its production is the raw material Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH). Where traditional use was made of the relatively expensive pure PVOH types, new and unique powder blends have been developed by Cordial in recent years. These blends offer unprecedented opportunities in terms of cost savings and sustainability.

Glossy Papers

We also attach great importance to sustainability. We invest in eco-friendly production processes and develop adhesive solutions that meet the highest environmental standards. This ensures that coated paper is not only of top quality, but is also produced with respect for the environment.

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